The GIF Squad & My Week Of

Holy smoke, y’all. It is the week of….ME. I posted my first blog on Friday and on Saturday, I joked about not ever sharing it on social media. On Sunday, I received a message from the one and only @SalesforceAmy telling me that I’d been picked as the next feature on #GifSquad #Weekof 🙂 It was like my  own personal burning bush from God.

If you haven’t already heard of the Gif Squad, you need to stop reading this and check them out. The squad is made up of 11 Salesforce fanatics. What started out as fundraising for the I Am Angel Foundation turned into a mission to make the #Ohana a welcoming, fun, and gif-filled place! If you are new to Gifs, please proceed with caution because

giphy (1)

and they are addicting! Seriously, why are you still reading? Go learn about the founding members of the squad! Misty Jones of the Flyin’ Solo group, invited me to dinner at DF16.

Without knowing about the Gif Squad for Good movement, I got to know three of the squad members. I attended the DF 16 session of another member where I stalked…admired another from afar.  I even had the kahunas to introduce myself to another. You see, I’m still getting comfortable with the reality that my Salesforce heroes truly welcome me as #Ohana.

If you are new to the Salesforce #Ohana, don’t be timid like me. Don’t admire your heroes from afar. Go up and introduce yourself. There are no expectations, or requirements here. Unless you’re meeting Steve Mo, in which case you should have a beer. Either because you owe him one, or because you will. Eventually we all do.

I’d like to thank the Gif Squad for choosing to shine light on me this week. You guys have encouraged me in big and small ways. I can’t repay you, but I can pay it forward.


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